magnetic deburring polishing machine

NF-9000 magnetic polishing machine

NF-9000 magnetic polishing machine

Power supply: AC380V (50 / 60HZ)

Product details


Power supply: AC380V (50 / 60HZ)

Motor power: 3.7KW

Equipment size (L * W * H): 950 * 800 * 1150mm

Grinding groove size (L * W): 635 * 635mm

Maximum processing capacity (reference value): 15-18kg

Processing speed: 0-60hz (Delta inverter)

Operation mode: reversing

Machine weight: 196kg

Standard configuration

Stainless steel needle: 6kg

Grinding fluid: 50L

Rubber pad: 1pcs

Separation sieve: 2pcs

Operating instructions: 1 copy

1。 Light iron metal, non-ferrous metal, hard plastic and other precision parts of finished products, remove the burr, chamfer, polishing, cleaning and other precision grinding work once completed。

2. Irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead ends, cracks, etc. can be grinding processing.

3. Processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost, without any supplies.

4. After the finished product is not deformed, never damage the surface, never affect the accuracy.

5. Model complete, you can design special models.


1. Remove burr precision grinding

2. Finished surface polishing

3。 Corrosion removal treatment

4. gold jewelry polished wash work

5. Remove the oxide film work

6。 Sintered traces

Suitable for industry products:

1。 Take the heart, take the knife, CNC automatic lathe parts

2。 Zinc and aluminum die-casting parts

3. Precision stamping parts

4. Precision spring, shrapnel parts

5. Aerospace, medical parts

6. Electronic, computer, communication parts


1. Grinding speed, the average grinding time of about 3 minutes to 20 minutes or so, replace the workpiece quickly, can be replaced in the machine running grinding parts.

2. Simple, absolutely safe, completely free of technology, one person can operate several machines.

3。 Low cost, stainless steel needle for the semi-permanent grinding material, consumption is very low, the only supplies for the grinding fluid。

4。 No pollution, grinding fluid is 90% moisture, so non-toxic and the occurrence of fire, fully in line with environmental protection standards。

5. After grinding is completed, the workpiece is handled properly, and the workpiece and stainless steel needle can be easily separated by screen, screen or separator.


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