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Suzhou Nuohu Automation Technology Co., Ltd

Our staff is the basic strength of the existence and development of. Good staff, good products and good service. Brand employees, create brand enterprises.

Our view of talent
  • Selection and morality

    Agree 100 Jin values is a prerequisite for our selection. We have both ability and political integrity of employees, the German word for the first.

  • One can use

    To allow employees to do their best and their job security. In the Nuohu, who has stronger ability who will be able to get more important jobs

  • Educational materials

    Cheyousuoduan, cunyousuochang, training companies pay attention to the specialty, students in accordance with their aptitude we according to each person's situation, to develop a personalized career planning education。

  • Keep a person with feeling

    We provide a broad development space for the employees, the ability to play. We create a working environment and more family oriented, to retain more talent.

Our work ethic

We promote a "healthy, happy, positive, scientific" outlook. The physical and mental health, enjoy the work, we can get the real pleasure in life.

The development of Nuohu is not only the combination of personal and business interests, but we can share the same ideals and values, which will be the energy source to promote the development of Nuohu.

The company provides the perfect salary and welfare for each employee, provide a broad space for the development of each employee.

In the development of Nuohu invites you to join! Today you take pride in their company, Tomorrow Company will be proud of you.

Address:No. 180, Changwang Road, Dongqiao, Huangdai Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, Jiangsu   


Suzhou Nuohu Automation Technology Co。, Ltd 

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