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What is the glitch to glitch

Pulished:2017-04-11 Number:loading... Source:Suzhou Nuohu

Glitch refers to the removal of very small surface of the workpiece micro-metal particles, these particles are called burr. They are formed during cutting, grinding, milling and other similar chip processing. To improve the quality and service life, it is necessary to remove the burrs on all metal precision parts. The surface of the workpiece, the acute angle and the edges must be of high metal cleanliness and, if necessary, for non-plating and electroplating of metals. The traditional processes of deburring are mechanical processes such as grinding, polishing and other processes with different degrees of automation. The quality of the workpiece being processed is often not guaranteed; the cost of production and the cost of personnel are very high. Use a deburring magnetic grinder to remove the deburring process and place the workpiece in a barrel of abrasive material for 3-15 minutes. You can remove the fine parts of all the small burrs, so that the workpiece surface smooth, angular smooth, for the user to bring unprecedented high quality. And will not affect the accuracy of the product. Deburring with a deburring magnetic grinder is not only environmentally friendly but also saves a lot of production and personnel costs. Magnetic polishing machine for the material (stainless steel, zinc aluminum alloy, copper, titanium and other non-ferrous metals) machining, turning parts, stamping, die-casting, welding and so on.

If your workpiece is iron, not suitable for magnetic grinding machine polishing, we can also provide you with abrasive flow to glitch polishing machine, abrasive grain polishing machine can mold the hole to achieve the mirror effect, this device is suitable for the hole Complex pieces to deburring.

Professional commitment to deburring polishing industry for 7 years, our aim is to reduce the deburring manpower for the customer, let the machine instead of hand, so that the glitch to achieve mechanization, automation, unmanned. We have a variety of deburring polishing equipment, such as magnetic polishing machine, magnetic grinding machine, fluid deburring machine, electrolytic deburring machine, centrifugal grinding machine, chemical deburring polishing, explosion deburring polishing machine, As long as you encounter the problem of deburring polishing, as long as you a phone we can always give you a best deburring program


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