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What is the difference between grinding and polishing abrasives

Pulished:2017-04-11 Number:loading。。。 Source:Suzhou Nuohu

1, particle size: abrasive grain size measurement

2, particle size: in accordance with the implementation of standards on the Morley size grading mark

3, Coated Abrasives: Adhesive to the abrasive particles on the substrate made of abrasive

4, impact toughness: abrasive impact crushing performance

5, compressive strength: single abrasive static pressure, the crushing load value

6, particle size composition: a nominal particle size of the different size of the abrasive particles weight percentage

7, garnet: a natural abrasive, the density of 3.5 to 4.2, Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7.5

8, fused corundum: with alumina raw materials arc furnace smelting Chengde artificial abrasives, referred to as corundum

9, the specific surface area: single for the quality of abrasive has a total surface area

10, natural emery: a natural abrasive natural corundum hematite or magnetite, quartz and other mixtures, the density of 3.7 ~ 4.3

11, animal adhesive binder: animal glue as the main raw material binder

12, semi-resin adhesive: the end of rubber for the plastic, compound adhesive for the resin binder。

13, water-resistant adhesive: water-resistant resin as the main raw material binder

14, corundum: an artificial corundum abrasive, with alumina through the arc furnace melting made of alumina content of about 95%, and contains a small amount of titanium oxide, was brown, the density of not less than 3。90 grams / cubic meter

15, white corundum: an artificial corundum abrasive, with aluminum oxide powder made by arc furnace melting, alumina content of about 98%, was white, the density of not less than 3。90 grams / cubic meter

16, black silicon carbide: an artificial abrasive, black luster crystallization, the density of not less than 3.12 g / cubic meter

17, dense sand: abrasive cover the entire surface of the substrate

18, sparse sand: abrasive cover the substrate part of the surface

19, the whole resin binder: resin as the main raw material binder

20, sand control density: coated abrasive surface particle density, to abrasive grain on the coverage rate


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