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Grinding centrifuge, planetary polisher use and effect

Pulished:2017-04-11 Number:loading。。。 Source:Suzhou Nuohu

Centrifuge grinding machine How to use the centrifuge How to use the centrifugal grinding machine How to use Centrifugal grinding machine also called the line (star polisher, high-speed grinding machine, high-speed polishing machine) Horizontal rotation and slower drum polisher, It is a high-speed centrifugal polisher, especially for those smaller parts to do grinding and polishing. In the daily use of centrifugal polisher, pay attention to the following questions: the weight of the material in the drum and the grinding time of each roller into the material (workpiece, abrasive, water, etc.) weight, the maximum should not exceed 11KG; , The wet grinding time to not more than 60 minutes, dry grinding to not more than 30 minutes is appropriate, if necessary to continue to work, should be the drum container temperature is not more than 80 degrees is appropriate, if the temperature is too high To the container of the workpiece, drum liner PU bring adverse consequences, we can change the water in the middle, for grinding on the basis of continuous operation. Roller abrasive is not filled with centrifugal polisher drums and roller drums like a drum machine, grinding and polishing in the processing, the roller do not fill the material, the material accounted for the volume of the drum 70 ~ 80% of the best results.


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